CYC History

1964Eight local businessmen created The Great Pine Ridge Marine Association in 1964, which today, is known as the Cobourg Yacht Club. Drs. Edmond Gendron and Bill Richards, pharmacist Theo Krauman, Don Macklin, Macklin Motors and Phil Calnan, Clanan Motors, retailer of ladies apparel, Sol Margles, plumber and heating specialist Ted Prosser and Ed Haynes of Haynes Printing, formed the steering committee with Dr. Gendron appointed as Commodore.
1965The first active duty of the yacht club was to act as host to the crews of the visiting yachts, which that year, had selected Cobourg as the end of the first leg of the Freeman Cup Race. Thus was launched the present yacht club. In September the official charter was received, making it a bonafide sailing club. The Sailing School started the same year.
1967A milestone was reached with the erection of the clubhouse. Painted white with blue trim it was placed on the beach west of the centre pier.  Also that year the famous brass cuspidor was donated by a local lawyer, Dave Stewart, as a challenge to the Port Hope Yacht Club – the challenge was accepted and it was the beginning of the annual race between the two neighbouring towns. To the victor went the spoils; thus the classic relic has changed hands many times over the years.
1969The decision was made to purchase the famous “Red Barren” for more protective water safety measures – “Barren” by name but not by nature, as since that day, the Red Barren amongst other duties, has affected many a rescue from cold and blustery Lake Ontario.
As the membership grew, so did the choice of boats and the improvements to the facility. The old 14 boat wooden “Blue Jays” gave way to the more sophisticated and faster fiberglass Albacores, CL-16s, Lasers, Catamarans, day sailors, and keelboats. The old mooring slips in the inner harbour were abandoned in favour of a compound and keelboat moorings. The clubhouse was improved by the addition of indoor plumbing and a fully equipped galley, which in turn permitted the expansion to more ambitious activities including barbecues, pot luck suppers, the hosting of sailing functions such as the annual CL-16 Invitational Regatta, the Hobie Cat Association Championship Race, the Board Regattas, Steak and Sail, sailing picnics, Sunday Club Races, moonlight sails, corn roasts for visiting sailors, the one-parent bathtub race, Rochester Yacht Club Reception and inter-club races across the lake.
This was also the year that our Sailing School began with Glen Agar as the initial instructor.  He was aided by Bruce Abbot of Port Hope.  In the years to follow club members passed on the knowledge through evening classes held each spring. Racing at CYC became more competitive.
1975Sir Sanford Fleming College in co-operation with the Cobourg Yacht Club improved the sailing school. This annual course has produced many competent sailors who have participated in national regattas and have often returned with trophies as a mark of their sailing skills.
1977The club has not been without its moments of anxiety. High lake levels and vicious storms have taken their toll over the years forcing the relocation of the compound several times. In the summer of 1977 a storm of such proportions swept the area. Keel boats were torn from their moorings and hurled against the west breakwater, smashing one venerable old racing sloop to matchwood and leaving the Red Barren high and dry on the beach.
1980The original by-laws were amended to include women.  Women had always been active in the club but technically it was a man’s world.  The re-writing of the by-laws included women and gave spouses a vote.
 1985With continued interest, increasing membership, and the change of purpose of the harbour area from industrial to pleasure, plans were made to build a new clubhouse. In October 1985, Mayor Mac Lees did the Sod Turning. Gradually a two-storey structure, 24’ by 48’ feet, with a deck on two sides, washrooms and showers, a kitchen and storage took shape. Together with a BILD Grant, donations, and hours of members’ voluntary work, our new clubhouse is a building to be proud of. The Original Club continues to be a sailing centre for centerboard craft and sailing school.

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